Entrepreneur Esq.

Archer Green is an international collective of recovering-attorneys turned serial-entrepreneurs. Incubating startups in a variety of industries, we strive to change the world (one line at a time) as angel investors, business advisers, noobie coders and occasional legal counselors. While primarily focused on developing projects in-house, we also welcome the opportunity to discuss joint ventures (and select mercenary projects) that fall in line with our core values.


We believe that the best startups are born of frustration. As lawyers and engineers, we are trained to solve problems (with a smile). "Be the change that you wish to see in the world."

Branding & Strategy

With substantial expertise in intellectual property and foreign direct investment, we understand that proprietary rights and brand recognition are just as vital to success as good product technology.

Lean Development

As startup specialists, we find lean methodologies applicable and beneficial to nearly every one of our varied projects, from software and other product development to restaurant and gallery openings.

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